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What’s E-Gold?

E-Gold is electronic currency which enlists opening and acceptable in the entire world and also easy to commute for in currency going into effect in many countries. E-Gold can be converted to become Rupiah, Dollar, Euro, and others by very easy.

Way of e-gold job very similar to conventional bank. E-Gold accepts deposit from its entire client, where its client can do transaction of transfer of sending and or accept to pass e-gold.

What advantage has e-gold ?

By owning your e-gold have investment business opportunity or opportunity which very profit. Just 1$, you have investment, and money you'd continue to expand. Every day you can see growth of your investment profit. May even exist investment program delivering its profit to your account every 1 hour or with daily profit which more compared to beneficial of conventional bank, the daily profit until 1,8%; there is also which more than 1,8% per its day. E-Gold has grown Indonesia opportunity business.

How to have E-Gold account ?

You can have E-Gold account free of charge

1. Choose Create an account and the click, I Agree after you read User Agreement.

2. Fill all that needed information by E-Gold.Com

3. Pass phrase alliance password and number

4. Click, Open and wait a few moments

5. Number ID E-Gold you'd be sent to your e-mail.

6. Open e-mail from E-Gold and note your ID E-Gold number

Menu in e-gold

- Balance = to see your fund balance.

- Spend = to the transfer of fund to other e-Gold account.

- History = to see detail of transaction, a kind of saving account book.

- Account Info = to change pass phrase and profile / password.

How to do investment with e-gold ?

You have to have capital in the form of e-gold by buying. To buy e-gold you earn to contact us, or you can look for website selling e-gold with rupiah in google with keyword " e-gold sales". We also recommend Indochanger dan Tukarduid for the place of your buy and sell e-gold in Indonesia.

Where I can invest my e-gold ?

There is a lot of website accepting e-gold investment with profit very high advantage. Among others I recommended SOLIDINVESMENT

Why they can give high profit to us ?

They turn around our fund usually in Forex Trading (foreign money commerce) or its us Ianguage of Valas. There is also turning around share commerce money, for example NASDAQ, MICROSOFT, ORACLE, Insurance, Property and others. And its practice of them gets advantage much more big from passed to us as their member. They free from responsibility, but they very professional, and take care of trust goodness which we give. They can obtain; get fund which is many without having to pay for Lease.

How peaceful investment tactics ?

Taking care of password secret, and labour to disseminate E-Gold some invesment place. So do not rely on from one just place for example place the other one go broke. For example your capital 100 dollar, hence don't investing in one just place. Try 5 investment place, with the each investment equal to 20 dollar.

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e-gold's Account Sentinel™

e-gold's Account Sentinel™(also referred to as AccSent™) enhances the security of your e-gold account by enabling you to direct the circumstances under which your e-gold account may be accessed.

AccSent empowers you to restrict browser access to your account to a single IP address (or range of IP addresses) and/or to a single web browser based on settings you can configure to best meet your needs - simply log in to your account, click Account Info, and scroll down to AccSent's browser access settings.

AccSent's browser access enhancements were deployed to provide you an additional level of protection in the event your passphrase is compromised due to poor security practices on your part (we hope this does not describe you!). However, these enhancements should not be regarded as diminishing the importance of good security practices. We urge you to read and practice e-gold's security recommendations.

Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity

Your IP number is your numeric address on the Internet, similar to a telephone number or a street address. If you access the Internet via a dial-up connection your ISP may assign you a different IP number every time you connect. If you access the Internet via cable, DSL, or a network connection, typically your IP number remains the same for a much longer period of time.

AccSent's browser access settings specify how sensitive the e-gold system should be when detecting changes in your IP number. If a change is detected based on AccSent's browser access settings, then a one-time PIN is sent to your e-mail address of record, which must be provided before account access will be permitted from the new IP address (or range of IP addresses). The more sensitive the detection setting, the more secure your account is against unauthorized access.

Available selections are:




AccSent does not detect changes in your IP number.

Medium (default)

AccSent detects changes to

your IP number within a specified range.


AccSent detects any change to your IP number.

Detect Browser Change

Every time you view any page on the Internet, your web browser includes a set of information in the request for that page. These "browser headers" include the version of the browser you are using. To some extent, these headers distinguish your computer from different computers. AccSent's browser access settings specify whether the e-gold system should detect changes in these headers - which would indicate access from a different computer. If a change is detected based on AccSent's browser access settings, then a one-time PIN is sent to your e-mail address of record. This PIN must be provided before further account access will be permitted from the new computer/browser. Enabling this setting makes your account more secure against unauthorized access.

Available selections are:




AccSent does not detect changes in your Browser Header

Enabled (Default)

AccSent detects changes in your Browser Header

Home and Work Mode

Home and Work Mode is available for users that commonly access their e-gold account from two different computers/locations. When enabled, AccSent will remember the last two computers/locations that an AccSent PIN has been successfully entered from, and not require repeated PIN entry when switching between these computers/locations.

Available selections are:



Disabled (Default)

AccSent remembers one computer/location


AccSent remembers the last two computer/location(s)

One-time PIN e-mail

AccSent sends one-time PINs as applicable via e-mail (see above); therefore, you should not be alarmed if you receive one-time PIN e-mail that corresponds to your own account activity. However, for your security, NEVER click hypertext links in e-mail to get to the e-gold website - not even e-mails that appear to be e-gold one-time PIN e-mails.

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Good And Bad HYIP

By: Markus Nilson | Date: 17.06.2004

From what you are probably aware of; there are a lot of HYIP opportunities that can be considered good and bad. What you are probably wondering or not aware of, are ways to evaluate them before you go out and lose a lot of money on them. Everyone is probably aware that any type of hi yield investing poses risks, and these risks are always there.

Any type of HYIP will contain characteristics that will slant them in one direction or another. It is by evaluating those characteristics that are able to sort them out. Keep in mind that the HYIP proponents are keen to confuse and issue, and deflect attention, but you can dig through most of that if you know what you're looking for. Below, you find some examples that you will assist you in your decisions and research.

- Games of chance v investments: There are hundreds of games sites on the internet, many of which cost money to enjoy. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, they obviously have no place in our consideration of hi yield type investments. They should be identified, and thrown out whenever they seep in.
- Recyclers' v generators: A lot of HYIP out there like to invest in the same thing. While this may be ok, there are a lot of traps; especially if this is hidden, or denied, and the expected results are overstated.
- Short term v long term: All HYIP's that offer excessively fast returns are almost always doomed. Because of this, you should beware of the excessively fast money merchants.
- Real v virtual money: A lot of the HYIP's pay your returns into their own accounts, and tell you that the money is there, often with restrictions on how you can get access to it. This method is very widespread, and is usually ok, but still needs to be tested before you invest a lot of money into it.
- Fixed interest v variable return: As you probably know already, fixed interest looks nice. Although it's usually not consistent with actual earning rates, it still raises a conflict and sometimes complete failure. A lot of the best HYIP's deal with the problem simply by offering low quotations of minimum return, although its better to be dealing with someone who meets those standards, than someone who repeatedly defaults on more optimistic targets.

With any type of HYIP, you should always consider them to be bad until you have proof that states otherwise. Don't get the wrong idea; there are a lot of these out there that can be very beneficial. Before you invest your money, you should make sure you know what a good and bad HYIP really is.

Scams, Risks And Extraordinary Profits!

By: Reine | Date: 17.06.2004

One of the best ways to double your money is by using high yield investment. These investments always come with a risk, but the potential to rake in a lot of profit is there as well. High yield type investments have always been a well known and widely used method of investing, even though such a high risk is always involved. If you are familiar with this method, then you pretty much know what to expect.

There are many ways you can successfully use high yield investment. With all the possible investments around the world, the possibilities are endless. While many pose serious risks with little signs of income; others have high risks with a lot of signs for income. These companies with high revenue are the ones that you should go after when choosing your investment for hi yield.

Scams are another thing that you have to watch out for. Anytime a lot of money could be a possibility, there is always going to be scams as well. These scams are run by fraudsters that are trying to take your money, by getting you to invest in something that doesn't really exist. These scams should be avoided at all cost; under no circumstances do you want to get involved with these fraudsters.

Choosing the proper investment is entirely up to you. Any type of high yield investment should be approached using caution. If you do the proper research and obtain the proper information, you will have a much better understanding. The more you understand your investment, the better the chance you have for hi yields.

Take for instance the diamond market. Diamonds are a really good high yield investment, simply because of the value. The value of a diamond has always been high, and research has shown that value to increase over time. If you are thinking of investing in the diamond market, you would still want to research everything and see where the different company's are standing.

As long as you approach with caution and understand that you may lose what you invest, you will probably be fine. If you approach a high yield investment thinking that you are going to triple your money with no losses, you will probably walk away with a bad experience. Understanding and realizing is part of the game, it will help you to be the best investor that you can be. As you know, the investing market can be very cruel; but it can also be very rewarding.

High Yield Investment Program Fraud

By: Sarah Martins | Date: 17.06.2004

The one thing that turns people away from investing more than anything else is high yield investment program fraud. This fraud is a ruinous scheme in which con artists lure unsuspecting investors into believing that their funds can be used to purchase securities at an enormous discount and sell them double the amount, typically during a forty week turnaround.

High yield investment program fraud can be very frustrating and it can also cost you a lot of time and money. Fraudsters and con artists like to manipulate your investments any way they can. Usually, they will get you on the phone and use technical phrases that probably make any sense to you. Along with this, they like to be very pushy and claim that what they are offering you is once in a lifetime opportunity; in order to cash in you have to take advantage of their offer now.

Fraudsters will also offer you extremely high yields in a somewhat short period of time through access to bank guarantees which they say you can buy at a tremendous discount then sell for a large profit. These cons artists will also inform you that they work for a private institution and your funds are waiting to be claimed.

Con artists using high yield investment program fraud will also try to convince you to transfer assets or borrow the money to invest in the program after you sign special non disclosure agreements which will prevent you from talking about this special deal with anyone. This includes lawyers or financial advisors, simply because you are joining a very secret organization on a top secret offer.

Any and all transactions are to be kept strictly confidential by everyone and for this reason alone no client references will be available. To lure you into their trap, fraudsters will also emphasize that the market for these instruments are so secret that the institutions involved and even regulatory agencies will deny the existence of the program if they are asked.

This high yield investment program fraud will place you at a tremendous risk. You are also told that you are not to phone the bank listed on the documents because they cannot acknowledge the existence of such an arrangement unless you are the principle investor for this account. They also state that the process is so restricted that even the low level staff, bank managers for example, wouldn't know anything about it.

When it comes to high yield investment program fraud, you shouldn't even bother with the risk. This fraud will probably cause you to lose everything that you invest, possibly more than that. If you encounter anything dealing with fraud, you are encouraged to contact the proper authorities immediately.

High Yield Investments

By: Nicolas Dunn | Date: 17.06.2004

When it comes to high yield investments, there isn't an investor out there that doesn't dream of netting high yields. These dreams that propel the investor are fueled by hundreds of stories of wonderful operators who turn thousands into millions in little to no time at all. If you have ever had the misconception that high yields are meaningless; don't believe the hype until you have had a chance to witness it for yourself.

The United States Treasury Department estimates that investors will lose 10 billion dollars each and every year solely from fraudulent high yield scams falsely invoking U.S. Treasury involvement. No one really knows for sure how much is lost through other high yield investments scams, although an intelligent estimate would be a multiple of that very figure.

This figure doesn't even include the primary source of losses that come from high yield investment – default or collapse of the companies issuing the underlying securities. A more realistic estimate of average annual losses through investments seeking high yields during the last decade would be around 500 billion dollars. That's nearly a third of all funds that are placed in high yield investments.

Is to say that high yield investments don't exist? Not really. It does mean however; that by their nature high yield strategies must tap volatile windows of economic opportunity – a concept that defines high yield investments. What this means is that you can't leave your money in the same place year after year and expect to always maintain a high yield from your investment.

Doing so, would be like begging the law of averages to catch up and reduce your investment to an average yielding one, or maybe even worse. Keep in mind that none of the high yield funds that are top performers during the past year are among the top performers over the past two to five years. Always remember that by their nature, high yield investments are a constantly moving target.

The easiest and safest way to invest is by buying sector targeted mutual funds. High yield funds are generally invested 65-80% in debt of sector companies with credit ratings of Baa/BBB. These are commonly known as medium grade companies. That basically means that they have an adequate capacity to pay principal and interest when due but aren't solid enough to be considered investment grade.

To put it in other terms, they make conservative investors very nervous. Managers of these high yield funds put a small percentage into speculative grade bonds if they have some reason to think their issuers are on the upswing. Some aggressive ones will also invest up to 10% directly into the stocks. The small remaining percentage points of the funds will generally stay in U.S. treasuries and cash.

If you consider yourself to be a risk taker who finds life to be meaningless without the possibility of returns above 10% and don't need the money for five years or more, put around 40% of your investment capital into a range of companies that have demonstrated either strong market positions or have shown profits during at least two of the past 5 years. This way, you will have no doubt as to the potential that will come from your high yield investments.

High Yield Investing

By: James Rindall | Date: 16.06.2004

When it comes to High Yield Investing, we have all seen the offers that promise to pay sky high returns for what seems to be the best extremely risky propositions. At worse, these propositions are pure frauds. There's a lot that can be said about investing, and many things that you should be on the lookout for. High Yield can be very beneficial, but also full of hot air.

When you hear about something to do with High Yield, keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you compare promised yields with current returns on well known stock indexes. Any investment opportunity that is claiming you will get more could be a very high risk. Choosing to invest in this high risk will probably cause you to lose money.

When an investment offers guaranteed returns, always make sure to check into it. Each and every investment carries some degree of risk, and the level of risk will typically fluctuate with the return you should expect to receive. Low risk will usually mean low yields; while high yields will usually involve high risk. If the money you have invested is safe, you will more than likely get a low return. Check into everything with High Yield Investing, and don't believe everything that you hear.

Before you choose a company for your High Yield Investing, make sure that you check the company out before you invest. If you are not familiar with a company, broker, or adviser, spend some time checking out everything they offer before you invest. Taking the time to research a company, could be the overall difference maker when it comes to a high risk investment.

Most public companies that deal with High Yield Investment make electronic filings with the SEC. These are basically computerized databases that are used to check out brokers and advisers. Each state securities regulator may even have additional information. If you're searching for an investment opportunity, and a firm only lists a P.O. Box, you will want to do a lot of researching before you send your money.

If an investment you have discovered is that good, it will wait. Scam artists like to try and create a sense of urgency; implying that if you don't act right away, you will miss out of a tremendous opportunity. If you're feeling under pressure to invest, the best thing to do would be to say no. This way, you will keep your money instead of just throwing it away.

To better achieve your goals with High Yield Investing, you should make sure that you understand your investments. When it comes to scam artists, they like to use a lot of big words and technical sounding combinations to try and impress you. Don't lose your sense of mind, and always have faith in yourself. If you don't fully understand an investment, don't buy it.

Remembering these things when it comes to High Yield Investing, will help you to ensure you get the most out of your experience. When it comes to investing, always remember to take your time and fully understand the investment at hand.

High Yield Investment Programs

By: Markus Nilson | Date: 16.06.2004

The entire high yield investment program scene is thought by many to be seriously over-hyped. This broad scene is full of somewhat extravagant and over-optimistic claims. While some of these are overwhelmingly ridiculous; others have a cleverly contrived ring of feasibility shining through them. You would be very lucky if 3% of the offers you will come across deliver anything even close to what they are promising you.

Some of these offers will probably even fall in a heap before they even get started. There are no guarantees to any of them. You should probably realize now that you are going to end up trashing about 20 times as many high yield investment program offers as you are going to actually seriously consider. Anything dealing with hi yield is risky, and you will discover that many offers you run into will fail to deliver what you're seeking.

The fact of the matter has always remained the same; any type of high yield or fast growth opportunity will always pose risks. If it was simple to acquire large profits in a short amount of time, everyone would be a millionaire. The main reason is that high yields and fast growth in any financial system will always be accompanied by high risk and consequent failure.

Out there in the commercial world, there are many opportunities to make high profits. A lot of these opportunities come with very high risks. Most of them also require a lot of capital in order to make them work. Anyone who sees a high yield investment program opportunity needs to cover all of their bases, by involving other people such as investors or shareholders.

Make no mistake about it; high yield investment program opportunity's can bring great profits. In the conventional stock market, there is room to question whether there is any safer or more controllable way; hence the growing popularity of this form of investment. When compared to other means of investment, this is a very popular and widely chosen method to help cash in on the benefits.

The bottom line with any high yield investment program is that you should always be prepared that risks are involved. No matter what type of risk it may be, it is always going to be there. You could double your money in no time at all, then turn around the following week and lose everything. Nothing is guaranteed to happen.

Anyone that is familiar with high yield investment program opportunities will tell you that you have the chance of making some big bucks. As long as you take the proper precaution and approach everything in the right fashion, you have a better chance. What you do with your investment, is entirely up to you.

What Are High Yield Bonds?

By: Mark Heidermann | Date: 16.06.2004

A bond that is issued by a company that is considered to be a higher credit risk, is know as a high yield bond, or junk bond as it is commonly referred to. The credit rating of a high yield bond is considered to be either speculative grade or below investment grade. What this means, is that the chance of default with high yield bonds is a lot higher than that of other bonds. The credit risk of high yield bonds is higher which means that the price is generally higher than other bonds of better credit quality. Thorough research has shown that portfolios of high yield bonds usually have higher returns than that of other bond portfolios, suggesting that the higher yields more than compensate for their additional added risk. These high yield bonds actually get their name from their characteristics.

Credit ratings were developed for these bonds, which caused the credit rating agencies to create a grading system to reflect the relative credit quality of bond issuers. Bonds that of the highest quality are AAA then the credit scale moves down to C, and finally on down to D, or the default category. Bonds that are considered to have an acceptable risk of default are referred to as investment grade and encompass BBB bonds and higher. Those bonds that are BB grade and lower are called speculative grade and have a very high risk of default. Rule makers soon began using this demarcation to establish investment policies for financial institutions. Government regulation has also adopted these standards. Seeing as how most investors were restricted to investment grade bonds, speculative grade bonds soon developed negative connotations and were not widely held in investment type portfolios.

Mainstream investors and investment dealers did not deal directly in these bonds. Because of this, these bonds became known as junk, or high yield bonds since few people would accept the risk of owning them. Prior to the 1980s, most junk bonds resulted for a decline in credit quality of former investment grade issuers. This was a result of the assumption of too much financial risk by the issuer. The advent of modern portfolio theory meant that financial researchers soon began to realize that the risk adjusted returns for portfolios of high yield bonds were quite high. What this meant is that the credit risk of these bonds was more than compensated for by their higher yields, suggesting that the actual credit losses were exceeded by the somewhat higher interest payments. High yield bond investment solely relies on credit analysis.

Credit analysis is similar to equity analysis in the fact that it concentrates on issuer fundamentals. Due to the high minimum size of bond trades and the specialist knowledge in credit that is required, most investors are best advised to invest through high yield mutual funds.

What To Look For In An Investment

By: Mark Heidermann | Date: 16.06.2004

New investors are often interested in purchasing a company's stock but don't know what to look for in an investment. If you're just starting out, you may wonder what constitutes a good investment. There are four important things you should require from each of your holdings.

1. What is the company selling for?
When you're doing your research, it is important that you look at more than just the current share price. You will also need to find out what the entire business is selling for. The cost of acquiring the entire corporation is known as market capitalization and is frequently referred to by financial professionals.

2. Are the shares being bought back by the company?
Overall growth is not as important as growth per share, is one of the most important keys to investing. A company might have the same profit, sales, and revenue for five straight years, but then create large returns for an investor if the amount of available shares is in any way reduced.

In business, the same principle remains true. A shareholder should crave a management that has an active policy of reducing the overall amount of shares, thus making each investor's stake in the company much bigger. This way, when the company is cut into small pieces, each investor gets a bigger cut of the profits, assets, and revenues. This is the foundation for the belief that when a company's stock is selling on the market for less than it's worth, the best investment any corporation can make is in itself.

3. What may be your reasons for investing with the company?
This is a very important part of knowing what to look for in an investment. Before purchasing your first initial share of a company, you should ask yourself why you are interested in investing in that particular stock. It's very dangerous to fall in love with a corporation and buy it solely because you like it; after all, the best company in the world could be a lousy investment if you pay too much for it to begin with.

Always make sure the fundamentals of the company are the only reason that you are investing. Everything else is probably based on your emotions, which are considered to be detrimental in the financial world. You will have to remove your feelings completely from the equation when selecting your investments or you will be unable to make any kind of rational decisions.

4. Are you willing to own the stock for the next few years?
When you can answer this question correctly, then you know what to look for in an investment. If you are not willing to buy shares in a company and plan on forgetting about them for the next few years, you really shouldn't own those shares at all.

The proven way to success has always been to pick a great company, pay as little as you can for it, and then leave it alone, reinvesting the dividends. Anything else you do will require a lot of time and energy.

Starting An Investment

By: Unknown | Date: 17.04.2004

When you begin starting an investment, you may find yourself wondering where you should begin. You may have heard friends or co workers talking about their investments, and decided you should give it a try. You may have also found yourself wondering where they got the money to start or how they knew what to invest in. Then again, there are a lot of people who don't know where to begin, so they never start at all.

The wide array of investment related choices, the vast amount of information about investing, and the risk alone is intimidating and may prevent you from taking those first steps towards starting an investment. Keep in mind that is doesn't have to be that way. Believe it or not, you only need to know a few basics in order to begin your career in the world of investing.

The first question most people have is where you get the money to invest. If you look around, you will find plenty of stock mutual funds that allow you to invest with 500 dollars or less. You could use your next bonus at work, your income tax refund, or simply put in some overtime for some extra cash. If you are unable to come up with 500 dollars to start your portfolio, many funds will allow you to skip the initial lump sum investment if you sign up for monthly withdrawals from your checking account.

When starting an investment, you are ready for some long term investments. The step in choosing is knowing what your goals are. The investment type you choose will depend on the amount of time available before you need the money. Most all stocks are considered long term investments, and therefore it's best to plan on holding stocks or stock mutual funds for five years or longer.

The next thing you will need to know when starting an investment is your risk tolerance. If you're the type of person that hides your money under your mattress because you don't trust the bank, you're probably not going to feel very comfortable investing in volatile technology stocks.

Now, you may be wondering how to choose an investment. Most investors and experts will recommend spreading your money over several different types of investments in order to reduce the risk, because one type of investment typically does well when another one doesn't. By having money in more than one type of fund, you're more likely to get a decent combined return in one category takes a downturn.

When you are ready to begin starting an investment, you should use caution and research everything that is available to you. The above will assist you in getting started; the rest is up to you.

The phenomenon of HYIP

HYIP, which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. HYIP's are offering probably the most profitable investments available today. Interest rates of up to 100% a monthis not uncommon. In general the interest rates are ranging anywhere between 5 – 250% a month.

HYIP's are using different investment strategies. Some invest in stocks, others in property. There are even HYIPs investing in other HYIPs. Probably there are also programs that are not investing at all. These belong to the scammers. You’ll read more about unserious HYIPs further down this text.

Most HYIP's use different e-currencies as their way of accepting funds from members. E-gold is undoubtedly the most commonly used one hence the many program names containing “Gold” or “E-gold”. E-currencies makes instant and secure money transfers possible online and have very much paved the way for HYIP's.

The phenomenon of Hyips is growing bigger and bigger on the internet today. Every day new programs are being launched. Lots of people are earning fortunes investing in these programs.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, while the statements above are not lies, they don’t give you the whole picture. Many program owners are scammers. Their only will is to run with your money. There are more scams out there than serious long term programs.Over the years large amounts of people have lost their money as a result of being involved in High Yield Investment Programs.

Given the fact that the HYIP industry is a very risky one, most people are very hesitant when it comes to investing in HYIP's – which is legitimate. However, not being aware of the risks is the main reason why people are losing their money. There is a great number of cases where people have thought they’ve found an incredible opportunity and gladly invested their entire fortune. When the programs later went out of business, the consequences have been devastating.

Although there are unserious players in all markets, the HYIP arena seem to have more of them than many other industries. The reason for this is the big amounts of money involved and the fact that it’s pretty easy to steal money on the net.

Taking both the negative and positive aspects of High Yield Investments into consideration, the conclusion is; If done right, High Yield Investments can be extremely lucrative.

Security Recommendations

Restrict access to your e-gold account

e-gold's Account Sentinel™ (a.k.a. AccSent™) enhances the security of your e-gold account by enabling you to direct the circumstances under which your account may be accessed. AccSent was designed to provide you an additional level of protection in the event your passphrase is compromised due to poor security practices on your part (we hope this does not describe you!). However, AccSent's features should not be regarded as diminishing the importance of reading and practicing ALL of the recommendations on this page.

Do not click links in unsolicited email messages
Do not fill out forms in e-mail messages

  • e-mail may not be from who it claims to be from (i.e. spoofed). Many common Internet frauds start with spoofed e-mail.
  • Viruses can be delivered to your computer by simply looking at a web page using a vulnerable web browser.

Verify website identity before entering passphrase

Fraudulent "phishing" websites designed to trick you into divulging your passphrase or other sensitive information are common. Spoofed e-mail (see above) is commonly used to lure victims to phishing websites. Never assume that a website is the website you intended to be at based on its appearance. Before entering your e-gold passphrase, ensure you are at the real e-gold website by:

  • Checking for an active padlock in the browser status bar.
  • Checking the browser location bar for a site name beginning with (exact spelling is critical):
  • Checking the SSL certificate being using for for appropriate "Issued To", "Issued By", and Thumbprint fields. At the e-gold web site, these values are:

Issued to:

Issued by:


Valid from:

11/22/2004 to 12/1/2006


F84F 522C E958 A443 5A37 8934 6D77 2D70 096C 6A82

Keep your operating system and applications updated

Use Windows Update to make sure you have the latest security patches installed. Also check for updates to your application programs, especially Microsoft Office.

Use a hardware and/or software firewall

A firewall can protect your computer from malicious traffic. A hardware firewall/router (such as the many offerings of companies like Linksys, D-Link, SMC, and others) acts as a barrier between the outside world and your computer. A software firewall, such as ZoneAlarm, performs that function to a lesser degree but can also block malicious programs on your computer from sending data out to the Internet. Windows XP includes a simple firewall, but it is disabled by default. The free version of ZoneAlarm does a very nice job.

Do not run untrusted applications

Running any program that arrives via email or that was downloaded from the Internet can be dangerous. Only run applications that you wish to grant complete access to your computer and the data contained on it.

Upgrade to a better web browser

You're already using Better MoneyTM - now choose a better browser. Firefox is available for almost every operating system and has many security and privacy advantages. Try "tabbed browsing". Manage your cookies. Block pop-up windows.

Use an Anti-Virus program

If you follow all of the the above recommendations a virus will have difficulty infecting your computer. However, since a computer virus can be a vehicle for a criminal to gain total control of your computer and thereby any information stored on, sent by, or received by your computer, it is prudent to install antivirus software from a reputable source and run it regularly. Since new viruses are discovered daily, it is important to keep antivirus software and the virus definitions it uses for detection up to date at all times.

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Best Duplication money program in very internet that recommend to you. Only with minimum invesment 10$ you'd can get profit every day 1,8%. Can also compound.

You can make deposits via e-gold.
  • We offer interest rates between 1.8% to 3% every business day.
  • Minimum deposit is $10.00
  • Interest is paid every day Monday through Friday at 1 PM GMT.
  • Business days are Monday till Friday, excluding official holidays.
  • Interest is paid into your SolidInvestment account.
  • Principal and compounded profit are locked in for 170 business days since the date of initial deposit.
  • Referral commission constitutes 5% from every deposit made by the members you have referred to us.
  • Compounding rates of 0% to 100% are available and can be modified at any time.

Compound 100% during 3 months

  • We offer rates from 3% - 6% every business days
  • Minimum amount to participate is $10.00
  • Interest is paid every day Monday through Friday at 1 PM GMT.
  • Business days are Monday till Friday, excluding official Belize and USA holidays.
  • Interest is 100% compounded and cannot be withdrawn for 60 business days
  • All operations are final and cannot be changed back